May 1998

American Gothic

(Be sure to mouse over the photograph for more information and play the sound bite from the show.) This unusual and compelling horror/drama/fantasy aired for one season, 1995-1996. Created by Shaun Cassidy of Hardy Boys fame, AG tells the story of Trinity, South Carolina. From its enigmatic sheriff, Lucas Buck (Gary Cole) to local boy Caleb Temple (Lucas Black) and all those in-between, the viewer is quickly drawn into a drama where everyone's story is closely intertwined, perhaps too tightly for their own good.

American Gothic filmed 22 episodes; however, since CBS only aired 18, out of order, and changed the airing nights frequently, AG never had a chance to ignite. Beginning January, 1998, the Sci-Fi Channel has been rerunning the show, in its entirely and in order, on Friday nights. Hopefully, they will re-air the show again after the current run is over in the next few weeks. Or, you can just buy the series now on DVD.

But why should I try and decipher this stunning drama when other converts have done it so well? I recommend your visiting the following web sites:

Lucas Black & Gary Cole
RealAudio Sound bite

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