August 1999

Eddie Izzard

Old News (21 September, 2006): Just received notice from the publicist for the 2006 Secret Policeman's Ball. View the Press release and artwork. If you're going to be in London on 14 October, be sure and try to attend the show at the Royal Albert Hall (thanks to Nik Selman for this information).

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Old News (17 June, 2000): I attended my first Eddie Izzard show on 16 June, 2000. Great stuff. Here's the review from the Los Angeles gig.

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"I like my coffee like I like my women. In a plastic cup." That's all I needed to hear to love this guy, but there is oh so much more.

Born February 1961 in Yemen, Eddie is more than a household name in England and Europe. Sell-out world tours, film, television and stage work all attest to his versatility and inborn comedic talent. He caught the acting bug at age seven and later, while at Sheffield University, honed his craft in local shows and street performance. In the late 80s he began doing stand-up in comedy clubs in London and it wasn't many years later til he began to catch on.

His credits include stand-up at the Ambassadors Theatre, the Albery Theatre, the Royal Court, the Edinburgh Festival, the Shaftesbury Theatre and Hammersmith Opollo. His more recent appearances on the east and west coasts of America resulted in an HBO special, "Dress to Kill." Find this and watch it. Izzard's theatre and film appearances range from "Edward II" to "Velvet Goldmine" to the July 1999 premiere of "Lenny" in London's West End at the Queens Theatre.

I have been an afficionado of British Comedy for many years (since 1974, in fact) and the first time I caught a few minutes of Eddie Izzard I knew I was hooked for life. His charm, wit, and unique comment on our shared experience hit a chord and, judging from his popularity, not just with me.

Links, links, and more links to those better eqipped than I to do justice to Eddie Izzard. I have to say that the Izzardites' web pages are among the most comprehensive and intelligent I have ever seen from fan sites.

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